The Austrian 2010 Harvest: Likely the Lowest in 20 Years

The Austrian 2010 harvest is expected to deliver one of the lowest yields in nearly 20 years. According to Statistik Austria, figures as of the end of October are pointing to a total volume of 1.76 million hectoliters, which is approximately 30% lower than the average annual yield of 2.5 million hl. The Austrian Viticulture Association - Österreichischer Weinbauverband – has confirmed this report. “This year's quantity is lower than the total normal wine consumption in Austria, which is an average of 2.4 million hl per year,” says Josef Pleil, president of the association. “It is especially dramatic for white wine, because there is none in stock at present due to the low harvest also in 2009.”

More info: http://www.austrianwine.com

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